Amazing benefits of a V Shaped pillow for a great nights sleep

In todays blog we look at the v shaped pillow as an essential tool in getting a great nights sleep. A question we are always asked here at 1stMobility is what is the secret in getting a good nights sleep? Luckily some academics have looked at this in great detail.

A new study conducted by the KCL (Kings London College) has found that just over half of the UK population have experienced disturbed sleep or have seen a change in their sleeping pattern since lockdown has been announced on the 23rd March 2020. Poor sleep can have a significant impact on the quality of life, impacting on your work, relationships and general day to day activities.

The research argues that poor incomplete sleep could be down to a number of factors ranging from psychological disorders to physical experiences in using the incorrect mattress of pillows or just a poor sleeping position (We have a great article on what is the best sleeping position). It really is surprising seeing what difference in using the right pillow would make in helping to get a good nights sleep.

V Shaped Pillow
V Shaped Pillow

Here at 1stMobility we stock and sell the amazing V-shaped pillow. With its innovative and unique design this v-shaped pillow for shoulder pain amongst other pains and aches is a great sleeping aid. Composed of soft polyester fibre in the shape of a V, this pillow provides maximum comfort and efficiency in supporting the body whilst resting. In our view this pillow in particular is one to really look out for in the search for the best pillow.

Thus, in this weeks blog we take a look at what the V-shaped pillow is, how it benefits our body and an insightful look into how it can help with a good nights sleep and also support you with other aches and pains.

What is a V shaped pillow?

In simple terms, the orthopaedic V shaped pillow is designed to provide extra support and comfort by keeping the head elevated whilst you sleep. This relieves the pressure you put onto your neck and back as compared to when you use a standard regular pillow. In all areas, the V-shaped pillow also helps the user to stop tossing and turning which relieves the pain and strain you put onto your spine. Your neck as well as your spinal area remain protected. 

What are the benefits of a V Shaped Pillow?

In our view there are multiple benefits of owning a V pillow. It is soft, flexible, easy to use and store. This pillow is also useful for expecting mothers, perfect to support pregnancy. It can provide an elevated position helping expectant mothers to get a little bit more comfortable. In addition our V pillow is a great back support pillow allowing expectant mothers to breast feed in comfort or use the pillow as a general maternity aid.

The V shaped pillow, like other pillows, comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your needs, including normal, orthopaedic, and big v-shaped pillows. It’s also appropriate for people with respiratory illnesses and the elderly. When using a standard pillow, pressure is created in your airways which cause complications. If you suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma or CRD, standard pillow could pose a threat both to your sleep and your health.

The V shaped pillow on the other hand is an ideal and better option to overcome such circumstances. Doctors have recommended the use of a V shaped pillow specifically to patients who suffer respiratory illness to expand the airways and make it easier to breath as well as having a restful nights sleep.

How you should sleep with a V shaped pillow for a restful night

Getting in that quality nights sleep which refreshes our bodies and minds isn’t as simple as it seems. Sometimes we just need that quality mattress or that pillow to take us over the edge in providing that 1st class snooze. Here at 1stMobility, we want to be part of providing that experience. So with our V shaped pillow, it helps in relieving different types of pain and stiffness as well as providing that comfort you’ve been honing this whole time. 

When you go to sleep using the V shaped pillow, there are a few things to be mindful of. First off, place your pillow on the headboard for added support and comfort. If you are using to relieve back pain, place the V shaped pillow under your knees and remain to keep your spine neutral (alternatively you could use a knee pillow to help improve and support your posture). 

Start your day right by waking up refreshed. With the V shaped pillow, there are so many added benefits that you won’t go back to a standard. The comfort is just a bonus but the health related positives are much more than that.

Please do contact us if you require a V shaped pillow and get yourself feeling refreshed on a morning once again!


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