Ergonomic Elbow Crutches

  • Aidapt VP148 ergonomic elbow crutches
  • Ergonomic handle to provide added comfort
  • Double adjustable settings for height
  • Ergonomic elbow crutches with closed cuff
  • Ferrule with anti-slip rubber

This lightweight aluminium elbow crutch has an ergonomic handle for improved comfort and grip, along with a non-slip rubber foot and also features double height adjustment for comfort and flexibility.

The Aidapt VP148C ergonomic elbow crutches offer increased support and mobility for those who need whilst walking. Product is sold in pairs

Why do I need Ergonomic Elbow Crutches?

According to the Oxford University hospital, elbow crutches help you to get around during your recovery. A step by step guide on how to use your elbow crutch can be found here.

This Aidapt VP148C product provides you with increased balance when putting weight on one foot. As well as ergonomic, this product is also height adjustable and will give you the support you need to get back to normal walking.

What are the risks of not using an elbow crutch?

If you require assistance whilst walking and and have been advised to use a crutch, it’s very important you take that advice. Not doing do could result in falling over, increased damage to your injuries, vulnerable to non- recovery.

Aidapt VP148C elbow crutch details

  • Gross weight: 29.13 kg
  • 12 months warranty period
  • Dimensions: 980x40x40
  • Display footprint (mm): 930x30x30


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