Memory Foam Wheelchair Arm Rests


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These high quality Wheelchair Arm Rests come in a pair of 2. The black memory foam arm rest pads contain a thick layer of supporting memory foam to cushion your elbows and forearms when sat for long periods of time.

These arm rest cushions were specifically designed for wheelchair use (Straps measure 22cm each).

Wheelchair Arm rests uses and comfort

The arm rests are essential for helping wheelchair users when transferring use. Provide comfort and stability and these are strong enough to support  weight.

So if you are sliding sideways of the wheelchair the armrests can help you to stay comfortable. There are a variety of arm rests on the market and it is important to buy the right one.

The Wheelchair Arm Rests can also be used on other types of chair. Simply secure the arm rest cushions by tying the straps around your arm rest with the hanging fibre filled section on the inside of the arm to give extra cushioning support to your side and to stop drafts.

Wheelchair arm rests
Wheelchair arm rests

The Wheelchair Arm Rests is very easy to wash just simply remove Memory Foam insert via zipped section and hand wash the cover / fibre filled section.

As can be seen from the picture on the left the covers are easily folded and transported. Perfect to help your independence and mobility in comfort.



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