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Here at 1stMobility Wheelchair Safety is crucial to our ethos, vision and values. Safety in all aspects when using mobility products is absolutely crucial. As we head into winter, the day become shorted and the weather starts to turn wet, windy, cloudy and cold. At this time of year It is more important than ever for wheelchair users to keep safe on their wheelchairs. 

Thus, the aim of this blog post is to offer help and guidance to wheelchair users on what they can to to remain safe and use their wheelchairs in a responsible manner.

Wheelchair Safety: Maintenance and longevity

Keeping your wheelchair in top condition is essential for their maintenance and longevity. Wheelchairs essentially help us to get from one place to another and provide a huge benefit in enhancing independence and mobility. Keeping your wheelchair in excellent condition is crucial to avoid any long-term damage and rusts.

Depending on how often you use your wheelchair you should ensure that you carry out maintenance and servicing at least once a year. If you use your wheelchair more frequently you should aim to service it every couple of months. We would recommend visiting a wheelchair repair shop at the first sign of any damage or rust to your wheelchair.

We would also urge wheelchair users to take a cautious approach to servicing and the replacement of common parts. We would recommend visiting certified wheelchair repair ships to replace essential components such as safety seat belts, arms rests, seat cushions, back support cushions as well as rear and front wheel assembly.

Motorised wheelchairs are different to that of a traditional wheelchair. You’d have to take note of batteries, joy sticks, the central processing unit (CPU) and so on. The motorised wheelchairs require more attention to detail and servicing due to moving parts and mechanisms.

Wheelchair Safety: Wheelchair Users should invest in safety accessories

We also suggest investing in some high quality wheelchair accessories. During the cold weather they can really help in keeping you safe and warm whilst out and about. For example, a waterproof cover for your wheelchair waterproof cover is the perfect solution to stop the seat of your wheelchair from soaking due to the rain. To go with this, investing in a wheelchair comfort seat will help enhance your comfort whilst staying dry. A wheelchair bag to store all your essentials so they don’t get wet or misplaced is also a very convenient way to keep yourself organised.

Leather wheelchair gloves will also help to keep your hands nice and warm whilst navigating yourself around on the wheelchair. Warmth and comfort are vital during the winter season so another thing you may want to have look at is the Theracube memory foam cushion. This unique cushion is designed to reduce pressure when sat for long periods of time.

Wheelchair Safety: Getting an upgrade

It gets to a certain point where you might evaluate your options and consider upgrading to a more advanced and safer wheelchair. If you are experiencing problems with your current wheelchair, there is still opportunity to service and repair. If servicing isn’t a possibility, then it’s probably time to upgrade. Just as you grow out of clothes, you can also grow out of your wheelchair.

Even if there aren’t any problems in relation to your wheelchair, you could always go for a stylish upgrade. This is to give your wheelchair an extra tip off point for safety and looks. You could have a heavy-duty wheel’s upgrade to make life easier when travelling through snow or even sand. Just because you are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you should feel bound by your limits.

Wheelchair users pay attention to your surroundings

As we have mentioned, with winter dawning upon us, there’s a very strong possibility of the ground being covered in ice, slush or snow. Driveways, car parks, doorsteps are all areas which could be of a serious hazard so being aware is the first step to avoiding an accident.

If you are a blue badge holder, be sure to make use out of your privileges so you could gain front door access to supermarkets, shops etc. Often, front of stores and disabled access will always be cleared of any snow and slippery surfaces. As advised by the mobility aids centre, in the winter periods, it’s best to have somebody with you to avoid obstacles and make your trips easier. If that isn’t possible, be extra cautious and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if needed.

A how to guide to staying safe on your wheelchair during the upcoming winter periods. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact the 1stMobility team.



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