Wireless Penguin Mouse

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  • Wireless Large Ergonomic Penguin Mouse (18cm)
  • Perfect for right or left handed customers
  • Easy glide due to its Symmetrical base
  • Rechargeable battery

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The Wireless Penguin Mouse is an upgrade on the wired ergonomic penguin mouse. Sometimes also know as the Wireless Large Ergonomic Penguin Mouse this mouse supports users with health problems when using their PC or Laptop.

Wireless penguin Mouse Features

Advanced Ergonomic Design: The Penguin Wireless Mouse features a vertical design that sets new standards of protection against a range of upper limb conditions caused by extensive computer/laptop use, such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Ambidextrous Design allows for easy transition between right and left-handed use, avoiding exaggerated movements of the wrist joint, which can increase pressure on the soft tissues in the carpal tunnel.

When using a PC, regular switching of hands throughout the day helps prevent static muscle strain (SMS) in the arm and shoulder – a major source of discomfort in mouse work

Precision performance: adjustable 400, 600, 800 or 1200 DPI resolution optical tracking technology encourages fast and precise operating movements on a wide range of surfaces

Easy-Glide: symmetrical base allows the user to rest either hand comfortably alongside the vertical design, encouraging the use of the bigger muscles in the fore and upper arm to manoeuvre the ergo mouse. Fine cursor control is achievable with small hand and/or finger movements

Rechargeable Battery:  up to 30 days on a single charge, depending on use – perfect for working in both home and office environments.

What is a Wireless Penguin Mouse for?

In order to understand what the wireless penguin mouse is for, and how it can benefit individuals we always recommend the below video:

Please note this mouse on sales is the wireless version. For the wired version please click here. Also In case of Wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be provided inside or along with the mouse

If you have any questions on the mouse or require larger or smaller mice we can source these for you on request. Please get in touch with the team.



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