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Working from home is now the new normal.  The UK entered another national lockdown on On Monday the 4th of January. Boris Johnson the UK prime minister has a plan and released a statement on how the Covid-19 virus will affect the lives of the British people. Before we begin the blog discussing work aids, Ergonomic office equipment it is important to know about your tax relief benefits provided by the government. Please click here for more information.

Back to staying at home and being sensible and working from home, this means less social events, essential travel only, and more time spent working from home. A lot of uncertainty surrounds the world as too when things will go back to normal but for now, we must prepare for what is in front, and that is to make our homes into a working environment for ourselves and our children.

This week we focus on working from home in 2021, we try and provide tips and trips on what you can do to create a calm working space. Now in this Ultimate work aids for Working from home guide we want to focus on ergonomic office equipment which is easy to use, accessible and mobile. As we use computers more and more the words “you’re on mute” have become common place, it becomes increasingly important to look after ourselves during such difficult times. 

Invest in Ergonomic office equipment Work Aids

Setting up your own comfortable workplace with good comfortable work aids will help with the efficiency of your workload. Being comfortable is the first step to getting things done, hence we highly recommend purchasing some ergonomic office equipment.

Creating a working space which caters to your physical and mental needs is crucial for focus and “getting things done”. The first step to take is investing in work aid equipment which is proven to assist with the comforts of working whether it is in the office or at home. We suggest some items to make your working from home in 2021 more efficient as healthy minds and healthy bodies achieve results.

In addition the work aids we put forward lessen the risk of future injury and reduce the chance of repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain.

Our first mobility work aids recommendation is an Ergonomic Mouse, any staple tool an Ergonomic office equipment arsenal. They can be quite expensive so please do shop around, we offer the ergonomic penguin mouse at a great value price. Ergonomic in the sense that it relates to or is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. The ergonomic penguin mouse alleviates the user of wrist pains that you may be experiencing, and can really help with RSI.

Our second Work aids recommendation when working from home is the Ergonomic Keyboard. There are different types of ergonomic keyboards based on your needs, so for example some are for pain in the wrists like the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard and some are for those who struggle with their eyesight like our visually impaired keyboard. In both cases the keyboards are a great combination with the penguin mouse.

The Microsoft keyboard mobility work aids is split down the middle so the user remains in a comfortable typing position. It has a slim design accompanied with a stylish look which makes it an ideal choice. It also doubles up as an improved cushion palm rest. 

Our third work aids working from home recommendation is lumbar back and bottom support. An estimated 2.5 million people in the UK suffer from back pain and majority are of those who work in an office environment. Not having the right tools to support your back whilst sat for long hours could prove to have a detrimental effect. Here at 1stMobility we provide a wide range of aids to support the lumbar and the seating area. For example we have a lumbar support an electronic back massage a soft gel cushion and an electric neck massager, all designed to remove pressure and support your back. 

Make working from home an enjoyable experience

Make the most of the opportunities you have at home which you don’t necessarily have in the office. Create a sensory landscape, add some colour to your workspace and design in a way which suits you. You don’t necessarily have to invest in an up to date office space, but little touches could bring help in taking you a long way.

Use the wall spaces hang up images, use a brightly coloured mug for your morning brew. You might not see it, but these things definitely have an effect on efficiency and happiness.

Also, you may want to get some sunshine or fresh air. Although we’ve come into the new year snowy and gloomy, take the opportunity to maybe go for a walk when on your break. It’s proven that getting fresh air can boost an individuals mental health according to the family holiday association.

Make snack time special. Who doesn’t love a good snack break? When working from home, it’s easy to build an appetite so why not treat yourself to healthy snacks throughout the day to refresh your mind. Nibbling on healthy fruit, nuts & vegetables is a great way to get through the day.





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