Lacquered Writing slope Beech Frame


  • High Quality Lacquered Beech Frame
  • Includes magnet
  • Work angles 22-60 degrees
  • Perfect for work
  • Leather Cloth insert

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High quality writing slope with an excellent premium finish. A Quality Beech frame with a hard wearing Black lacquered finish and leather-cloth insert. A magnet attach paperwork whilst the small rounded lip holds books or pens.

these tools are sometimes referred to as writing slants or slant boards, can help to promote correct writing posture. Many of us, perhaps unknowingly, slouch when writing or drawing. Children often do it when they are colouring.

Available in acrylic, plastic and wood writing slopes are known to help alleviate pains associated with the back, neck, shoulders and wrists when writing. So this like most of our other products is a good way of maintaining independent living and mobility.

Uses for the writing slope

Improve your posture while writing or reading. Simply raise work using our adjustable Writing aid. It is adjustable and stable works with a range of angles of  22 – 60 degrees. Comes included with one magnet.

Ideal for special needs (SEN) and school / education application for helping students write at the correct angle. Improves posture whilst writing or drawing. Ideal for bad backs. Due to its high quality finish it would also make a suitable gift.

Very popular with schools – we accept purchase orders and can produce proforma invoices. Email 1stMobility for more details.


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